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INTRATUIN Nederland B.V. garden centre chain


INTRATUIN garden centre chain.

INTRATUIN garden centre chain in Netherlands

Intratuin is a well known garden centre chain in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. With a 30% market share, selling to 12.5 million customers. It has 51 stores in the Netherlands, 5 in Belgium and 4 in Germany.

INTRATUIN garden centre indoor And with an overall retail area of over 500 000 mΒ². Intratuin originally sold garden products but has now expanded its range of goods to include garden furniture, home decoration, animal feed and Christmas items.

Intratuin is much more than just a garden centre. It’s an inspiring place for customers to gain many new ideas. Warm, lively and green: that’s the Intratuin feeling. With more than 60 locations in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and over 3000 employees, Intratuin is definitely a key player.

INTRATUIN garden centre at ChristmasOne of the advantages of Intratuin is it’s size: it’s huge. They have a very wide selection of plants for all types of gardens and also an exceptionally large lifestyle area for in and outdoor furniture. Their Christmas assortment in autumn is one of the biggest and most extensive of the Netherlands. It’s very popular and crowded, but also a fairytale like experience, especially for children. Iif your looking for something for your garden you’ll probably find it there.

Intratuin is the green specialist with knowledge of what is happening in the world and what is happening locally. An authentic, but contemporary professional. In Intratuin they understand better than anyone else what is needed to make your house and garden pleasant and confortably green. Of course! Intratuin

INTRATUIN garden centre chain.