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Hedging plants grower – Hopes Grove Nurseries.


Hopes Grove Nurseries is a specialist grower of hedges and hedging plants in the UK. The nursery covers 80 acres in the beautiful Weald of Kent. We only sell directly from our nursery. That is why our plants are always fresh. They come directly from the nursery beds. And because we sell directly to endusers, our prices are very competitive.

Hopes Grove Nurseries do not sell to garden centres or other nurseries. On most orders over Β£50 the delivery is free. Furthermore, we deliver nationwide. In addition, our plants are coming directly from their growing beds to guarantee they are top quality. You can view our Hopes Grove Nurseries catalogue online.

Hedging plants grower - Hopes Grove Nurseries in England

Gardeners and landscapers appreciate the freshness and quality of our plants. We printed a full colour catalogue. And in addition, we built our website which is now a first point of contact for many of our customers. There are over 2000 photos of our plants. So, you can see what you are ordering.

At Tenterden site we grow more than 500,000 hedging plants in pots across 16 acres. From small starter plants in 9cm pots through to plants of 2 metres and more. As well as 5,000 metres of instant hedging troughs. All of them we deliver fresh to many thousands of customers all over the UK. Also, each year we grow and sell 25,000 root ball hedging plants.

Our dedicated, specialist team members are always ready to offer a friendly advice to our customers. So, any hedging plant questions or advice you may need is welcome. Due to the high quality standard of service you will get complete peace of mind when ordering. Hopes Grove Nurseries are a mail order house.

Hedging plants grower – Hopes Grove Nurseries.