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Harplast Garden Products

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Harplast Garden Products

Harplast Garden Products EUgardens

Company Harplast started to be active in 1977. We are a plastics processing company renowned in Romania and known on the international markets. In fact we are a producer and trader of products made from plastic.
Our categories include: Garden, Crates, Beer cases, Waste bins, Industrial packaging, Household products.

Some of the Garden products, that we manufacture are: Olivia flower pots, Saucers for Olivia flower pots, Lyra flower pots, Stick decoration, Stella hanging flower pots. As well as; Miltonia crystal flower pots, Miltonia flower pots, Set of Miltonia orchid flower pots, Orchid flower pots and saucers, Zinnia flower pots. And last but not least: Diana flower pots, Dalia flower pots, Olimp flower pots and stands, Wertical wall flower pot Ella 260, Carina window boxes etc..

Harplast offers services related to the manufacturing of plastic products. All the services, that we offer are at high professional standards.

So welcome to Harplast Garden Products