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Fruit Collector


Fruit Collector

Fruit Collector EUgardens – introducing The Original Fruit Collector Harvesting Nets

The Original Collector is super convenient harvesting net. This net catches the fruit softly without bruises and keeps them away from the lawn, safe from dirt and bugs. In fact it works for all the fruit trees: apples, plums, pears, cherries, etc.

It works while you’re away! So you can keep it working for weeks, because it’s lifted from the ground. Furthermore it lets the wind and rain through, so it does not spoil the lawn.

Harvesting with Fruit Collector is simple and quick. All you have to do is just shake off the fruit from the top branches softly on the net. Harvesting Net is the easiest way to collect your apples & other fruit!

The Original Collector is a quality tool, which you can use year after year. It is a sensible purchase, which pays itself back as you can collect more fruit easier. Our collectors are available for different tree sizes.

The Original Fruit Collector is a Finnish invention. And we are a Finnish company looking for new European retailers. We sell our products in UK, USA, Germany, Sweden, Finland and worldwide online.

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