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Flowers Canada Growers Inc.


Flowers Canada Growers

Flowers Canada Growers

Flowers Canada Growers is the national trade association of the Canadian floral industry. Our members across Canada include greenhouse growers, distributors and importers/exporters. All of them deal with cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants, cut greens and specialty suppliers and services to the industry.

Greenhouse floriculture is a major contributor to the Canadian agricultural landscape, in particular, as well as the wider economy as a whole. In 2019, the industry generated $1.566 billion in national farm gate sales. And of that, over $500 million worth of flowers was exported. Nationwide, greenhouse floriculture is the 6th largest crop and the 10th largest agricultural product.

Across Canada there are almost 1,600 floral producers covering over 75 million square feet “under glass”. Combined, these growers employ over 14,000 people, with many more employed in secondary industries that service greenhouse floriculture.

It is our aim to improve and strengthen to the unity of the floriculture industry. We strive that our industry will become a major contributor to the economy and to the quality of life in Canada.

In fact our mission is to enhance the profitability and competitiveness of Canada’s floriculture industry. So we help members address common issues, challenges and opportunities. As well as to retain and enhance Canada’s position in the floriculture industry in North America.

And our main goal is to establish the highest quality production standards in the world allowing the industry to operate in a competitive global marketplace.