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Fivatech Nursery

Fivatech Nursery EUgardens

The Fivatech company operates as a nursery and garden centre. Also we supply nursery equipment. With our specialized staff and modern facilities, we can meet the needs and requirements of nurseries, florists, farmers and garden centers, We can offer the most specialized materials and machinery at the most competitive prices. Visit our new e-shop

We are your modern and dynamic partner. Fivatech Nursery will share with you any useful information we have for your success and expectation. In fact Our role in your work goes from a supplier to a consultant and a true partner. In fact we offer the best value for money.

Fivatech Nursery on Agrotica

We are proud with the quantity, the quality and the variety of our items. This together with the efficient and fast shipping to your place allow us to be your ideal partner.
We will be happy to work with you!

So welcome to Fivatech Nursery, a plant nursery and garden centre in Northern Greece.