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Farmet New


Farmet New S.R.L.

Farmet New EUgardens

We offer Planters, Garden Decorations and Garden Furniture. These ingredients feature the Farmet New company identity and mission. We are a company with an history which goes back to more than forty years ago. Our roots have been handed over by tradition. And at the same time with a particular inclination to meet the challenges of the future with innovative spirit.

Thanks to these qualities, Farmet New developes a productive activity of its brands with resins rotational technique and with innovative solutions. Thus we offer decoration complements which are real design objects and sculptures of high artistic level.

So you are welcome to our range of Planters, Garden Decorations and Garden Furniture. In fact Farmet New presents itself today as a strong company in its sector. Furthermore we offer some uniqueness, due to the high quality, making it a fixed point of reference.