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FamousRoses – online store for garden roses

FamousRoses garden roses the one-stop online store for all your garden roses. You will discover here the perfect, most popular and famous garden roses. Year after year,
we Discover, Evaluate and Bring to you vigorous and high quality rose bushes. We import them from famous rose breeders from all over the world.
Furthermore, we select rose varieties that are very popular. Such, that have been awarded for their incredible fragrance and beauty, amazing colors and abundant flowering. is well known also as one of the most important producers and suppliers of the β€˜Rosa Damascena Trigintipetala’ and β€˜Rose de Rescht’ rose varieties.Β  Our success is due to our appreciation of high quality of the services and products we deliver. And we are extremely proud of this achievements. In fact, we guarantee our plants rooting. Our plant nursery is near Bucharest.

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For our clients we bring the most beautiful and appreciated roses for the garden in the world. Noteworthy, we import roses directly from their creators. We are talking about famous producers and creators such as Meilland Richardier, Georges Delbard, Kordes, Tantau or David Austin. This means original copies, with the guarantee of authenticity offered by these large manufacturers. Of course, in our garden we also host Romanian specimens created in Cluj by Mr. Stefan Wagner.

Every year we discover and bring new premium quality varieties. In this way, we manage to offer rose enthusiasts in Romania a complete range of premium quality garden roses.

We focus on finding distributors (garden centres, landscape designers, etc.) both in Romania and in the countries of Europe.

So welcome to FamousRoses – online store for garden roses.