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Edizioni Il Millepiante


Edizioni Il Millepiante

Edizioni Il Millepiante

Edizioni Il Millepiante is a publishing house that has been producing gardening books since 1997. The company is in Italy, and our books are written in Italian. Over the years, publishing house Millepiante has gained a reputation for producing high-quality gardening books.

One of the unique features of Edizioni Il Millepiante’s books is their focus on organic gardening. The company believes that gardening should be done in harmony with nature. Also we offer a wide range of books on topics such as vegetable gardening, herb gardening, ornamental gardening and garden design.

One of our most popular books is “L’Orto Biologico” (“The Organic Garden”). It is a comprehensive guide to growing organic vegetables. The book covers everything from soil preparation and crop rotation to pest management. It also includes detailed information on over 60 different vegetables.

Another popular book is “Il Giardino delle Erbe Aromatiche” (“The Herb Garden”), which is a guide to growing and using herbs. The book covers over 100 different herbs, including both culinary and medicinal varieties. It includes information on how to grow herbs in containers and how to propagate them. As well as how to use them in cooking and home remedies.

Edizioni Il Millepiante also offers books on specific topics, such as “Il Giardino Mediterraneo” (“The Mediterranean Garden”). This ia a guide how to create a garden that suits to the Mediterranean climate. The book covers a wide range of plants, adapted to hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. It also includes tips on garden design, irrigation, and maintenance.

In conclusion, Edizioni Il Millepiante is a publishing house that produces high-quality gardening books. Our books are informative, well-written, and beautifully illustrated.Β  Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a beginner, you will find something of interest in their collection.