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DYWILAN Wovengrass


DYWILAN Wovengrass

Dywilan Wovengrass EUgardens

Polish producer of woven artificial football, decorative and hybrid grass. We care about continuous development, proving that our artificial grass can meet the highest world performance and quality standards.

We are a Polish family company with many years of experience. All these years we provide users of sports surfaces with a product that surpasses the accepted standards. A product. that amazes with its durability, captivates with its aesthetics.

Furthermore we are constantly improving and taking on new challenges to be able to meet market expectations. So we pay special attention to the needs of our customers by offering them a wide range of high quality products. So we adapt to individual needs and expectations.

In fact DYWILAN Wovengrass is a valued business partner. We support youth sports sections as well as local kindergartens, schools and places of culture such as theaters and museums.

Our valuable resource are our employees. Thanks to their experience in weaving technology we can enter new production areas.

We make every effort to ensure that our business brings as many benefits as possible. At the same time we respect the rights of all market participants.

So welcome to DYWILAN Wovengrass.