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Seasonal potted plants – Dimitriadis Nurseries.

Seasonal potted plants - Dimitriadis Nurseries

Dimitriadis Nurseries started to be active in 1985 in Thessaloniki, Greece. We produce seasonal potted plants, herbs, roses and climbers.
At Dimitriadis Nurseries, our goal is to provide a great selection of top quality plants to our customers.
As well as customer service that is considered exceptional within the industry.

Seasonal potted plants - Dimitriadis Nurseries, Greece

We’ve been serving in Northern Greece as one of the area’s best garden centers and nurseries. We pride ourselves on growing a unique variety of potted and hanging flowering plants. As a matter of fact, our staff of professionals cares every day for our plants.

So, welcome to Dimitriadis Nurseries.- potted plants Dimitriadis.