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Nursery De Koekoek Potcultures.

Nursery De Koekoek Potcultures

Nursery De Koekoek Potcultures BV is a company active in the cultivation of conifers.

We specialise in growing a wide range of conifers C2, C3 and grafted conifers C2. By culturing on a professional manner we are reaching a high quality product. The cultivation takes place on container fields. In our nursery, we grow the conifers in a square round pot, in order to use the maximal capacity of the trolleys.

Our aim is to deliver conifers excellent quality to serve the national and international market with a high visual quality product. Several times a year the products are pruned so that they get a heavy and bushy quality. Noteworthy, we are a certified MPS-A and MPS-GAP company. In fact, the qualification MPS represents most environmentally conscious cultivation.

As a matter of fact, Quality is our top priority and a visit to our company is a must. If you like our assortment, please let us know so that we can make an offer that fits your needs.

We have introduced a number of new varieties in the assortment. Our company is in β€˜t Harde and accessible from the highway A28.

This website is exclusively for businesses. For private sales and questions about your products, please refer to garden centers.

So, welcome to our nursery De Koekoek Potcultures.

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