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BMS Green Garden


BMS Green Garden

BMS Green Garden EUgardens

BMS Green Garden MMC started in 2018 on a production area of ​​200ha.

Green Garden MMC Trade is growing. We produce leafy species, conifers, shrubs, bonsai species, shrub species, herbaceous and instrumental genres. As well as wrapping species, semi-dwarf species, some fruit varieties, palm species, exotic species in pot. Furthermore our production of ornamental plants in our nurseries is about 1,000,000 units per year.

Green Garden EUgardensWe produce plants of semi-finished products is done in the appropriate containers, depending on the types of plant species. Our production basically meets the needs of the BMS Green Garden companies on the domestic market in Azerbaijan and overseas markets. In order to cover this production volume, the company spreads within the greenhouse area of ​​100.000m2, 5,0000 m2 hangar space and pot plants, 5.000m2 canopy and automatic irrigation systems. All this includes every type of equipment required for plants health. Moreover, we provide landscaping applications as well.

Azerbaijan is a country where you can see four seasons at the same time. This gives us the possibility to produce different kinds of ornamental plants on a fertile land. Due to our strength and trustfulness it is our aim to produce decoration plants of world standards quality. And to become a leading company in the world for production of ornamental plants.

BMS Green Garden compost production.

We also produce compost. Compostability is a clear benefit when plastic items are mixed with biowaste. Under these conditions, mechanical recycling is not feasible, neither for plastics nor biowaste. The use of compostable plastics makes the mixed waste suitable for organic recycling (composting). Thus we enable the shift from recovery to recycling (a treatment option which ranks higher on the European waste hierarchy). In this way, we divert biowaste from other recycling streams or from landfill and facilitating separate collection – resulting in the creation of more valuable compost.