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Outdoor furniture – BICA Spa

BICA SPA Garden furniture chairs tables in Italy

BICA SPA Garden furniture chairs tables. Founded in March 6, 1967 BICA is a leading manufacturer in Italy of polypropylene indoor and outdoor furniture. BICA over the years has been able to increase its productivity exponentially. All this, by building its own success based on professionalism and proven experience.
Consequently, the company’s past has provided it with considerable know-how.  Furthermore it  has made it world leader in the production and trade of garden furniture.

 Outdoor furniture – BICA Spa. BICA SPA Garden furniture chairs tables in Italy BICA SPA Garden furniture chairs tablesThe wealth of expertise gained from many years working in the industry has led the company to become a world leader in the production and trade of outdoor furniture. In the 90s, BICA took a big leap forward with the creation of its first line of resin furniture. So, this added to the traditional production of outdoor furniture and steel camping furniture.

• 4 production units
• 100-thousand-sq.m. covered shed with goods ready for shipping
• 140 employees
15 European countries doing business with BICA

As a matter of fact, these are just some of the big numbers that make BICA Italy’s only real landmark for the production of outdoor furniture.

In addition, BICA Spa is a leading company in manufacturing and selling camping and garden furniture and household products. With its 5 lines: BICA, Panther, Home Collection, b:rattan and B:DESIGN, 100% made in Italy. We sell its products all around the world. Market share is 25% italian and 75% export. The company started to opperate in 1967. In fact the actual chairman Mr. GIORGIO SIMONI with his sons and daughters, as a traditional family business, work in the company with others 105 employees in 4 production sites. Every year, BICA invests in new products and saving energy. As a result, we offer products with a low environmental impact.

So, welcome to outdoor furniture – BICA Spa.