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Azurio Gazon Synthetique


Azurio Gazon Synthetique

Azurio Gazon Synthetique EUgardens

We are French manufacturer of Artificial Grass. Since 2005 we have been distributing our products throughout France. So our objective is to help individuals and professionals to design perfect landscaped spaces with artificial grass. Our products are appropriate for gardens, swimming pools areas, terraces and balconies.

Azurio is the pioneer of French-style synthetic turf. Our adventure began in 2005. While most of the products come from China, Azurio is betting everything on “made in France”. The company develops and manufactures a range of tailor-made and high quality artificial grass. We produce in the north of France.Β Making synthetic turf is very similar to making carpet. We distribute our products throughout the country.

We sell and install synthetic grass in France. Our headquaters are in Tuolon area. Adn we have showrooms in Toulon and Toulouse, So for your garden, your pool area, balcony or terrace, opt for the quality made in France.

We offer highly resistant fibers, because our manufacturing process is designed to last. In fact the Azurio models ensure successful, striking and lasting exterior.

Our brands of artificial grass consist of: Luxury 50 mm, Millenium 50 mm, Millenium 42 mm, Agaira 32 mm and Smally 22 mm.

So welcome ro Azurio Gazon Synthetique.