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Artistic wrought iron – Artifer 1962

Artistic wrought iron – Artifer 1962 Italy

Founded in the 1960’s and one of Vicenza’s leading traditional companies, ARTIFER 1962 Srl specialises in the manufacture of artistic wrought iron parts. For the building trade and the creation of gates, fencing, indoor stairways, balconies, banisters and iron doors. As well as for furnishing. Our solutions range from the most simple lines to the most sophisticated and largest designs. Such, that satisfy everyone’s tastes and suit all architectural styles.

Artistic wrought iron – Artifer In the late Nineteenth century, along with the first artisan activities in Vicenza area, the story of the Casatto family began. By means of blacksmith tools as the coal forge or anvil and hammer, they built iron rings for cart wheels and wine tuns.

Since Francesco Bortolo (1767-1834) no less then fourteen members of the family followed one upon the other. Each of them handing the work secrets. In the post-war period the job extended to fences, gates and railings. Thanks to the skill of Domenico Casatto, the present-day President, the first mechanical systems for iron working started.
The main division of the company ARTIFER 1962 composes by elements in wrought iron like scrolls, rosettes, baluster, panels, leaves. As well as thousands of articles in wrought or forged iron used to compose railings, gates, balconies, stairs, fences.

Nowadays we give more space to the creativity in making and improving new products or trend lines. The company grew so much to become today a reference for the sector operators. Furthermore, overseas manufacturers copy and imitate its models.

Moreover, the traditional production method have never been abandoned. The dosed strokes of hammer and power hammer, under the watchful eye of the “faber magister”, assures the regularity of the shapes, the linearity and a perfect reproduction of the pieces.

Also we do research and checks, when selecting all kind of materials, not only for the iron. All this, in order to assure the overall quality of the finished product in each part.

Artistic wrought iron – Artifer 1962.

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Artifer 1962