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Top quality garden plants – Arie Bouman Tuinplanten B.V.


With our passion for green, we want to deliver the best garden experience. Arie Bouman Tuinplanten collects garden plants from an international network of more than 350 top growers. Furthermore we supply the plants to garden centers, DIY stores and flower merchants for resale. Our goal is to encourage the consumer to ‘green’ action in the garden. Our company is result-oriented. So, we offer added value with the purchase, processing and sales of a large assortment of top quality garden plants. All this ee do, with respect for people, animals and the environment.

Top quality garden plants - Arie Bouman Tuinplanten B.V.

In our own Arie Bouman Nursery we grow roses. Welcome to the rose website of Arie Bouman kwekerij BV. This site provides a clear overview of our assortment of garden roses. So, we can count ourselves among the top Dutch rose nurseries. We grow more than 250 own species of shrub, climbing, weed and stem roses. As well we grow and supply license varieties from all major rose breeders. That makes our assortment of roses – year-round available. As well as – unique for garden centers! We offer our top quality roses in various modules as a complete package, including opportunities for promotion on the shop floor.

We supply the following product groups: Shrubs; Conifers; Rhododendrons (including Azalea); Climbing plants; Aquatic plants; Perennials; Mediterranean plants; Fruit trees; Forest and hedge plants and avenue trees.

So, welcome to top quality garden plants – Arie Bouman Tuinplanten B.V.