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Olive trees production – Anastasopoulos Nurseries

Olive trees production - Anastasopoulos Nurseries

In Greece olive cultivation dates back to 4,000 B.C.,. It has been documented during the Minoan civilization.

At Anastasopoulos Nurseries we are proud with the super high density of our olive plantations. As a matter of fact nursery Anastasopoulos is a 3rd generation nursery. During all these years It has been constantly evolving through continuous investment in infrastructure and innovative practices.

Headquaters of Anastasoupolos
At our headquaters in Moulki

Furthermore our fruit nursery has certified olive seedlings of the highest quality. As a result we supply with olive seedlings the market at competitive prices. In our offer you will find large variety: either edible (reed, mangrove, amphibian, chalkidiki), or for oil production (koroneike, arbequina, picual sleeve, mangrove, etc.).

Noteworthy, we are a pioneer in linear olive cultivation in Greece. This means, that we provides the olive harvesting with our own harvesting machines, as well as pruning tools as part of our customer support. Always relying on quality and trust, we builds long-term relationships with our customers.

Ornamental plants – Citrus trees – Fruit trees. At our nurseries we also produce and market ornamental plants, citrus and other fruit trees. We offer various species and varieties . We are also a representative of foreign brands for various other plant species.

The saplings grow on 50 acres in Mouliaki (Kiato Corinth), as well as on 40 acres in Kamari Korinthia. They are monitored for their quality development by specialised agronomists.

Olive trees production – Anastasopoulos Nurseries.

Years of experience as well as excellent know-how in the field make us recognizable in the field of plant cultivation. So, we have developed very good partnerships. As a result we supply top quality plants to the Greek market as well as to other foreign markets.

Recently, we opened our New branch in Agios Vasileios (Saint Basil), near  Thessaloniki, on the 22nd km of Thessaloniki – Kavala road. Our headquaters are in Moulki 20200, Korinthias

In this way we pave the way for better and more immediate customer service in both Northern Greece and neighboring countries, like Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia etc..


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