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Agapanthus plant nursery


Agapanthus plant nursery

Agapanthus plant nursery

On the website, Agapanthuskwekerij.beΒ  I, Tim Wyckstandt, offer you, together with my mentor, Maurice Vergote interesting information about the fascinating genus Agapanthus. Also we inform you about the special cultivars of Agapanthus. They have been selected from our wide collection of cultivars for many years. And now we can offer them for sale.

With great enthusiasm, I continue to expand Maurice’s collection and every year new, beautifully flowering varieties are added to the existing range. We are busy breeding new cultivars ourselves. We also follow breeders from abroad, even in South Africa. Their novelties come first to us.

Agapanthus, what a wonderfully graceful plant. In the summer he crowns himself the emperor of the garden with his upright stems. On these stems come beautiful thick flower buds that open in beautiful shades of blue or white.”

That’s how I thought about these plants when, as a young boy, I got to know Agapanthus on the Agapanthus Days of Maurice Vergote. This feeling always stayed with me and it soon became clear that I wanted to do something with these plants someday.

Coincidentally, one day Maurice could no longer support the breeding and collection due to health reasons. The future for this many years of work and knowledge threatened to be lost.Β  So I could not let this happen and together with Maurice and his knowledge we moved the nursery to where it is now located in Aalter.

With great enthusiasm, I continue to expand Maurice’s collection. At the Agapanthus nursery, every year we add new, beautifully flowering varieties to the existing range. Welcome to the wonderful world of Agapanthus plant nursery,