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4 Seasons Outdoor


4 Seasons Outdoor

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In 1967 Frits Wolf r. started a retail store for garden furniture in Nijmegen, Holland. Frits Wolf jr. took over and started 4 Seasons Outdoor in 2003. High quality, comfort, extraordinary design and high weather-resistant abilities were key. As they still are the foundation of our brand today.

The world of 4SO: we live garden furniture and it is our passion to create new and exciting designs. We use high quality materials and provide you with the ultimate comfort. 4SO furniture is the World’s Finest.

Our exclusive garden furniture is available worldwide at more than 500 retailers. Our collections are suitable for any climate, thanks to very weather resistant abilities. Infact we have 4SO partners in South-Africa, Thailand, Dubai and India as well as in Mexico, Canada and throughout Europe.

Enjoy 4SO furniture all year round, no matter the weather.