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EUgardens EU, Garden Business Directory

Business directory for gardening in EUROPE and the rest of the world. Business catalogue with FIRMS from all over Europe. Namely: nurseries, garden centres, landscape designers, garden tools producers, garden furniture, etc. And a lot of other usefull information about garden FAIRS & EXHIBITIONS in Europe. So, the compaies are in 41 different CATEGORIES connected to gardening.

You can filter the companies by BUSINESS AREA, COUNTRY and REGION. If for example if you are looking for garden centres in ITALY. First choose category \GARDEN CENTRES\ then ITALY or vice versa and additionally, you can \filter by region\ if necessary. So, if you are a company with activity, connected to gardening in Europe or in the rest og the world. You can list your company in COMPANY LISTING or send to us (info@eugardens.eu) your web address and we do the registation for you. The registration is PAYABLE : 50 Euros for one YEAR ahead. So, in this way your company will become known to more than 214 000 registered users for the time being of our portal. In addition, you can also advertise your garden products in the PRODUCT catalogue in our site. euGARDENS.eu wishes you success!

EUgardens EU Garden Business DIRECTORY.

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    1. Hi,
      Welcome to EUgardens.EU-the largest database of the horticulture industry: https://eugardens.eu/ Eugardens.eu is a fast-growing business directory for gardening.
      Find more than 620 gardening companies, divided into 45 categories: nurseries, garden centres, garden tools, landscaping, export …
      You can filter the companies by category, country and region.
      You can use our facebook group to advertise your company and products: https://www.facebook.com/groups/889215017852762/
      Regards, EU Gardens S.A.R.F. EUgardens.EU – European Garden Business Directory
      Tel.: +359 899 922 921 | E-mail: info@eugardens.eu
      http://www.EUgardens.EU, http://www.EUgardens.com, http://www.EUgardens.co.uk

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