Must see, the Isola Bella gardens in Italy


Must see, the Isola Bella gardens in Italy.

Isola Bella is a garden that looks like a ship. Almost like a galleon floating on the blue waters of the Lago Maggiore. It is in the middle of the Lake and is accessible only by boat. As a matter of fact, Isola Bella, means ‘beautiful island’ in Italian. It is one of the Borromean Islands of Lago Maggiore in north Italy. This island is a natural treasure and the human intervention made it even richer.

The Isola Bella irelandConsequently, Isola Bella charms visitors with its magnificent Baroque palace and the terraced gardens that slope to the lake. In addition, the garden which reaches a height of 37 metres, is full of flowers and exotic plants of great rarity. They grow thanks to the exceptionally mild climate of the Borromean Gulf. A two-hundred-years-old camphor tree welcomes you at the garden’s entrance. Crossing the gate, you will experience the breath-taking panorama of the Amphitheater in the middle of the island. This Italian garden with a baroque taste spreads on terraces at different heights. Statues, obelisks, ageless stone stairs and balustrades sprinkle the gardens. Most of the statues date from the second half of the 17th century.

The Isola Bella parkThe Isola Bella gardens in Italy.

This results in an impressive view. A wiew, which displays the power and magnificence of the noble house. Everything on the island has been designed to create a scenic effect. Especially the “Theatre” at the end of the superimposed terraces. Furthermore, you will see the statue of an Unicorn, which dominates the surounding slopes. In fact, Unicorn is the the heraldic emblem of the Borromeos. The huge, extraordinary garden is further decorated with ponds and fountains. White peacocks wander over the manicured lawns. And their grace contributes to the charm of the place.

The island achieved its highest social success during the period of Giberto V Borromeo (1751–1837). In this period Napoleon and his wife Joséphine de Beauharnais, and Caroline of Brunswick, the Princess of Wales visited the place. Nowadays, Isola Bella gardens are popular tourist attraction, with a regular ferry service from the neighboring Stresa, Laveno and Intra. So, you are welcome to the Isola Bella gardens in Italy. 


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