MYPLANT & GARDEN in Milan Italy

Myplant & Garden 2025 is the most important trade fair for horticulture, landscape and garden in Italy. It will take place from 19 FEBRUARY until 21 February  2025 at the Fiera Milano in Milan, ITALY.  As already mentioned, Myplant and Garden is the most important, complete and transversal trade fair for horticulture, landscape and garden in Italy. Traditionally it takes place once a year in the biggest exhibition center in Europe: Fiera Milano Rho-Pero.

MYPLANT 2019 new, explosive editionThis is an event that grows and develops constantly. As a result, it has quickly become the landmark for all professionals in the industry in Italy. It has also gained more and more credit. As well as attention and market on an international level.

This is confirmed by the record numbers that, in just 4 years, show the improvements in exhibition surface. In the participation of buyers from foreign countries and of visitors. In the numerous events and initiatives.

MYPLANT launches the new, explosive edition of the GARDEN CENTER NEW TREND event: doubled surface, innovative exhibiting concepts and a focus on the IDENTITY of consumers. GARDEN CENTER NEW TREND shows the identity of business of the modern shop: six styles, six trends and six different moods in six instalments that will inspire the contemporary visual merchandising.

At Myplant there is a constant creation of connections. You connect with many significant aspects of everyday life. In fact the components of the green chain multiply their potential by meeting at the fair. So you can address the most current issues and introduce new lifestyles. So welcome to MYPLANT.

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