Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg, Austria is an amazing …


Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg, Austria is totally an amazing experience…

As a matter of fact, Mirabell is a woman’s name from Italy. It is a compilation of two words: mirabile “admirable” and bella “beautiful”.

Prince-archbishop Wolf Dietrich built Mirabell Palace and Gardens in 1606 for his beloved Salome Alt. Today, the gardens serve as the backdrop for the most romantic weddings you could possibly imagine.

Archbishop Johann Ernst von Thun completely redesigned Mirabell Gardens in 1690. The underlying geometric form, typical for the Baroque, is still clearly recognizable.
The cathedral and the fortress add to the grandeur of the gardens. And simultaneously incorporates them into the overall historical ensemble of the city.

Mirabell Gardens landmarks.

Kaspar Gras from Innsbruck and installed in 1913, the Pegasus Fountain featuring a sculpture of the horse, Pegasus.

Around the Grand Fountain (the fountain pool) are four groups of figures by Ottavio Mosto (1690). They symbolize the 4 elements: fire, air, earth and water.

You can find the Hedge Theater in the western section of Mirabell Gardens. It is one of the oldest hedge theaters north of the Alps. During summertime, it serves as the venue for folk-heritage events and other special occasions.

The Dwarf Garden originated during the rule of archbishop Franz Anton Fürst Harrach. It originally consisted of 28 dwarves (nowadays 17). In fact, it is from white Untersberger marble and is the oldest of its kind in Europe.

South of Schloss (palace) Mirabell is the Rose Garden with its ornamental rose beds. The Orangery functions today as a palm house.

In addition Mirabell Gardens are famous movie location.

Mirabell Garden, along with the Felsenreitschule and Nonnberg Convent, is one of the most important shooting locations from the famous Hollywood musical “The Sound of Music”.

In the film, Maria and the children dance around the Pegasus Fountain in front of the palace, singing the song “Do Re Mi”. At the end of the scene, the Trapp family stand on the steps in front of the Rose Hill and sing the song’s final bars. And at the same time, viewers are enchanted by unique views across Mirabell Gardens towards the fortress.

So, welcome to Mirabell Garden in Salzburg, Austria

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