Wide range of garden lilies, 150 varieties


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Thank you all for visiting or show. Here is still a video of our ppt varieties. #dutchlilydays #liliums #potlily #colour #thankyou

Posted by Lily Company B.V. on Saturday, 9 June 2018

Wide range of garden lilies, 150 varieties. So, enjoy.






150 varieties of garden lilies.

Lily Company BV has, with more than 150 varieties, a very wide range of garden lilies. As a matter of fact, the assortment ranges from old strong primal species that originate from Asia and North America, such as Lilium Regale, to the latest F1, F2 and F3 hybrids in the most special colours and shapes such as the rose-shaped apricot-colored Apricot Fudge, the double Oriental lilies of the “Lotus” series, pollenfree lilies, orchid-shaped martagon lilies with small, hanging flowers etc.

Lily Company B.V. specializes in the following lilies: Trumpet Lilies; O.T. Lilies; Turban Lilies; Pearl Lilies; Tiger Lilies; Electric Collection; Pollen-free / Double-nose; Asians; Bi-color Lilies; Asians Pot; Orientals; Pot Orientals; Species; Martagon.

So enjoy the wide range of garden lilies, 150 varieties.