Bella Bloom innovative plants


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Bella Bloom innovative plants.

Tully Nurseries innovative plants are packaged under the Bella Bloom & Winning Plants brands. Bella Bloom is our trustworthy Garden Centre brand. A brand, which appears on all of our Bella Bloom labels in garden centres. Garden Centres have confidence in the Bella Bloom brand where the plants are Bord Bia quality and turnover fast.

Why should you book Bella Bloom Promotions?
Over the last few years we have sold out on key lines very quickly due to an increased demand for the Bella Bloom range. With the result that key plants have been unavailable at very important times. So, to counteract this, we are working with customers to help them pre-book in advance. And in that way, we can guarantee supply when you need it. Our young plant suppliers are also requiring us to book 1-2 years in advance.  Because  in that case, they can plan their own production.

Bella Bloom innovative plants.