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Zahradni centrum Florcenter


Zahradni centrum Florcenter

Zahradni centrum Florcenter EUgardens

Nursery and garden centre in Czech Republic.

In our garden center we will cover you with beautiful flowers and everything that goes with it. We have built a new modern garden center for you, which is full of flowers, decorations and gardening supplies. As a matter of fact we are a team of professional gardeners. So here you will find a large selection of plants and everything that plants, your gardens and balconies need. Our experts will advise you.

Our production. We have been engaged in our own productionin our nurseries for more than 30 years. In fact we grow more than 500 species and varieties in our greenhouses, for example, there are about 70 species of herbs alone. The quality of our plants is our number one priority. In order to pay even better care to the plants, we started with the gradual modernization of production greenhouses.

Zahradni centrum Florcenter

We try to provide the best growing conditions for the plants. In production we use professional substrates Florcom, which are produced by our sister company BB com s.r.o.

In our ornamental garden we offer a large selection of fruit trees, conifers, solitaires. Also we sell garden furniture. In short, everything that belongs to the garden.

So welcome to zahradni centrum Florcenter.