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Twentyfirst GardenArt by Elbi spa


Twentyfirst GardenArt by Elbi spa

Twentyfirst GardenArt

Our garden, the green space, assumes a central role not only in completing one’s home, but also in its transformation, making it possible to overcome limits and divisions between different places.
This happens thanks to the design of everyday objects, which interact with each other and with the natural environment, and at the same time “they open the spaces” of living.
We want to offer you design objects that interpret this philosophy.
The Terra, Fiore, Nude and Pet Collections re-propose the theme of well living, of the garden as a place of care and quality of life. Our objects have one precise vocation: that of being available to those who live and create their environments.

TERRA collection.

Recollection and tradition. The vase. An ordinary, simple, functional object. An item that decorates and enhances environments and expresses the personality of the one who has chosen it. The Terra Collection reproduces the tradition of the ancient art of handmade Tuscan terracotta. A Collection that translates and brings knowledge, memories and traditions to the present. A journey through time and space.

Nude Collection

Elegance, sobriety, simplicity. primordial shapes. These are the main features of the Nude Collection. Thanks to the wide range of colors offered, these models are ideal for stylishly furnishing all types of environments, both indoors and outdoors. In particular, the Fenice line has been designed in a modular version to be able to exploit and rethink the spaces in a coherent way.

FIORE Collection

The collection is characterized by a hand-brushed surface finish, and represents the innovation of design, a research process of new shapes in continuous evolution that flourishes into a new style: fresh, sober, original. It’s a continuous, slow and silent evolution: life that flows, progress that advances.

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