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Triflor – Specialists in Tulips


Triflor – Specialists in Tulips

Triflor Specialists Tulips EUgardens

Our family company Triflor, originally a tulip forcing company, was started in 1965 by Henk van Dam. Since then, it has been successfully developed into a comprehensive tulip company. From breeding and growing to export and forcing, Triflor does it all!

For years, the love for tulips has been the driving force behind everything we do at Triflor. From the first tulips forced in 1965 to the growing of 260 hectares bulbs now. That love is shown through the quality of our bulbs and flowers!

Triflor – Specialists in Tulips, Triflor NZ. In 1991, we started growing tulips in the southern hemisphere. We started in New Zealand, establishing Triflor NZ Ltd. in 2000 in a beautiful location in the South Island called Edendale.

Due to the opposite seasons, we can supply our customers with the best quality bulbs and flowers all year round.

Flower Production. In our hatchery we produce over 30 million tulips that are available in 115 different varieties. We force these tulips are in our greenhouses from the beginning of September until mid-May (Mother’s Day). In fact we trade the flowers on a daily basis and we do this either directly or through the flower auction Royal FloraHolland.

Our focus is on producing high quality and exclusive varieties. So these varieties distinguish themselves through their different colours and shapes such as: parrot, fringed, crown, and double (peony) tulips.

Triflor – Specialists in Tulips

If you show Interest in our tulips, click here for availability or our tulips of contact Wouter Steltenpool, the Sales Manager for Flowers.

For our bulb production, we grow around 130 hectares of tulips in the Netherlands. So together with the cultivation of 110 hectares in New Zealand, our total cultivation covers around 260 hectares worldwide.

If you show Interest in our bulbs, contact Rens van Dam, the Sales Manager Bulbs – Export

We annually export around 85 million bulbs from Holland and 60 million bulbs from New-Zealand. Most of our bulbs go to the United States. Other markets are Canada, Australia, Israel, Sweden, Poland, Austria, France, Russia, Norway, Belgium, South Korea, China, and Thailand.

So welcome to Triflor – Specialists in Tulips.