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Tierra Outdoor BV


Tierra Outdoor BV

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Tierra Outdoor is the brand that stands for innovation, refinement and reliability for a fair price. We make all our products with great care and knowledge. Furthermore we designe and manufacture them for you. In fact the purpose of our brand is to improve your garden experience. Design your personal garden area with our exclusive garden furniture. Trust in our expertise.

We take pride in creating items of unmatched innovation that exceeds the highest standard in design, quality and durability. Our brand is the epitome of inspiring and stylish outdoor living. Below you will find some of the benefits we offer.

Large stock. Our own 22,000 square meter warehouse located in Breda, The Netherlands, ables us to build and maintain a luxury position. We have 90% of our collection on stock. Therefore, most of our products can be shipped immediately upon ordering.

Worldwide shipment. Wherever in the world your business is located, we can ship there. Our team is highly experienced and will assist you. Our large stock position makes it possible for a fast delivery of all collections, with the unique possibility to select and mix any product.

Produced in The Netherlands. Striving for perfection is our mission. So we are proud to say that a large number of our products, we produce in the Netherlands. By incorporating state of the art technology, we can deliver the best quality.

Concept store. The ultimate way to increase sales. Build your own Tierra Outdoor Brand Store. Communication is everything. So our team specializes in designing eye-catching concept stores for you. Please contact us for unlimited possibilities and results.