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The Terracotta Pot Company


The Terracotta Pot Company

Terracotta Pot Company

As owners of the Terracotta pot Company, we’ve built up many years of experience in importing high quality products from around the world. So the experience gained in those areas assisted greatly with the new β€˜Cretan’ adventure!

We travelled to Crete and personally visited many of the family run potteries. After that we made a decision to form an exclusive trade partnership with arguably one of the best family businesses on Crete.

Our Products.

We held meetings to reach agreements on costings, availability, styles of pottery, etc. After that we started making orders and our warehouse now bulges with a wide variety of sizes and styles. The idea is to satisfy the most discerning of tastes! Each and every style of pot we supply, whether for use as a terracotta urn, terracotta pot or terracotta water feature, was hand-selected for its aesthetics, form and function.

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In fact we supply terracotta pots, that embody the ancient techniques dating back 12,000 years. Each and every one being hand thrown in the time honoured fashion. We have all shapes and sizes from the very smallest planter right up to the large terracotta pots. Such pots that make a grand statement in your garden.

There are many pots on the market that look very similar to ours. Some even claim the same properties as ours at a cheaper price. But none stand by the quality or frost resistance as we do.

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So welcome to The Terracotta Pot Company.