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Tecnokit Snc


Tecnokit Snc

Tecnokit Pot Trolley

Manufacturer of metal articles in the garden sector.

Our garden product line comprises: pots ans vases, pot trolleys with wheels, wall decorations and garden furniture.

A family company that since 1980 has established itself as a reliable partner for distribution centers, garden centers, DIY chains, wholesalers and dealers.

Franco Grandolfo, a master in the creation of iron articles started to compose real art mixed with passion. In fact he was among the first to adopt a galvanic system to have the brass plating that transformed his iron into “gold”.

Tecnokit GardeningFrom his dedication and love for his work, Complar system was born. A system, which became Tecnokit SNC dei F.lli Grandolfo, specialized in the production of household items, customized displays and a wide range of products in the gardening world.

Nowadays his children Sebastiano and Daniela Grandolfo manage the company.

Control of the entire production cycle and guaranteed quality. Over the years, Tecnokit has been able to invest in technology, increasing production efficiency to the needs and continuous changes of the market. So the entire production process takes place within the factory. The result is an all-Italian product, designed to last over time.

Tecnokit Snc

Thanks to the complete control of all the production phases. Tecnokit has managed to achieve the optimum objective both in terms of quality and costs. Always guaranteeing respect for delivery times. All this is possible thanks to the large investment made in technology, innovation and automatio.

In fact rhe production is optimized through the virtualization of all processes, thus reducing errors, waste and anticipating the right instructions to the operators.

So welcome to Tecnokit, the manufacturer of metal articles in the garden sector.