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Szmit Nursery EUgardens

Szmit Nursery operates from 1982. Our nursery is in Pechcin nearby Ciechanow, Poland. The ground surface of our nursery is 53 hectares. Majority of the production area, 25 hectares, is allotted for container production. Field-grown production covers 8 hectares, while 1 hectare is covered.

We have been delivering highest quality decorative plants for over 30 years. Furthermore we are popular for our wide assortment and numerous novelties. The novelties involve plants from all the groups – broadleaf trees and shrubs, conifers, climbing plants, perennials and fruit bearing plants.

Szkolka Szmit produces approximately 1 000 000 plants per year. Over 1.5 tho. species and varieties are always in stock. We also offer varieties which we are breeding ourselves. Each season we offer over 100 novelties. These areΒ excellent plants, worth-recommending to our clients.Β  Please send orders to our e-mail address: szmit@szmit.pl.

We cooperate with many companies both domestic and foreign ones. As a matter of fact we have years of experience in export of plants to over 20 countries.

So welcome to Szmit Nursery.