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Spider mowers


Spider mowers

Spider mowers

Dvorak  – svahove sekacky ltd. (Dvorak – slope mowers) was founded on July 1, 2004 by its current owner – Mr. Lubomír Dvořák.

The patent protected remote controlled mower SPIDER is the dominant product of the company. Due to revolutionary design of our product we hold a very special position at the municipal equipment market. During the first year from the launch of serial production we have won appreciation and respect of both consumers and specialists throughout Europe, USA and Japan.

During the following 10 years we added several new machines to our product portfolio and expanded the sales network to almost 50 countries all over the world. We strive to create and produce new products with high design and aesthetic standards. The satisfaction of clients is our primary goal. Visit our distributor network, to find a distributor of Spider mowers in your country.

The largest market is England thanks to their tradition of maintaining grassy areas. We entered exotic markets like New Caledonia, Panama, Tasmania and Hawaii .

The main advantage of Spider mowers is that you do not have to sit or touch them . Simply send the mower with the remote controller where you need it and it does not matter if it’s a hill or a marsh.

Another feature that no other mower offers is so-called “sweep”. This means that thanks to the original chassis, the machine will cut each corner. The excellent maneuverability of the mower will allow you to move in any direction. So you can move it like sweeping with a broom. For these unique features, our garden machine has become a bestseller. People doing green maintenance can not imagine working without our mower today.