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Spid Trays France

We are the leading European manufacturer of long life propagation trays. The headquarters of our company are in France. We design and develop durable, mechanizable,
ecological, and washable seedling trays. They are made of polypropylene, to guarantee uniform and quality young plants: for a better and profitable crop production!

Our company is a key player in the development of hard plastic propagation trays (virgin or recycled PP). So we supply today a full range of reusable, washable, mechanizable and efficient products.

SPID TRAYS is the leading European manufacturer of injection molded trays. The company has a full range of reusable seedling trays in hard plastic. SPID is a leader in the vegetable and horticultural propagation market. We distribute throughout France, Europe and the whole world. As a result of their technical knowledge and the experience of their growers, SPID can offer a wide range of over 20 types of injected plastic trays for young vegetable, flower, strawberry and tree plants. Customer service is their main priority.

The SPID team is at your disposal for any additional information or quoting. So do not hesitate to contact us for help, technical advice and let us know your requirements or projects.

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