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Smart Pots USA


Smart Pots USA

Smart Pots USA EUgardens

Smart Pot is the original, award winning, fabric planter for faster producing, higher yield, healthier plants.

Smart Pots are manufactured in Oklahoma City, OK. They are 100% USA made product. They allow maximum drainage of water, proper development of the roots by “air pruning” the roots, and allows a ton of oxygen to the roots which promotes root and vegetative growth. Smart Pots are super lightweight and easy to move around.

Our products are sold through qualified wholesale distributors and resellers. Working with Smart Pot equips you with tools for success: an in-demand product with a 35-year track record of success. Our superior quality limits return. Plus, enjoy a plethora of upselling opportunities in-store.

Find your favorite Smart Pot products at your favorite nursery, grow store, hydro shop, organic garden store, and garden centers all across the country. Connect with a Distributor.

So welcome to Smart Pots USA.