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Handmade terracotta planters – Seibert & Rice.

Handmade terracotta planters - Seibert & Rice USA

Company Seibert & Rice is the leading American importer of handmade terracotta planters and urns from Impruneta, Italy. For over twenty years we provide terra cotta planters and urns to America’s most beautiful gardens. We have also placed terracotta pots in some of the most prestigious institutions in this country. Some of them are the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The New York Botanical Garden. As well as Longwood Gardens, Biltmore Estate and the Boston Public Library. So, we are very proud of our reputation as the leading supplier of the highest quality terra cotta in the world.

When we founded Seibert & Rice in 1994, there was a deficiency of quality terra cotta pots on the American market. So, when we introduced our first collection of handmade Italian terracotta flower pots at the New York Flower Show in 1995, eyes lit up. At this time very few people had seen Impruneta terracotta outside of Europe. And almost no one had even heard of Impruneta. At first, people had a hard time believing that our terra cotta was really frost proof. But eventually they were all delighted when the pots they left outside, intentionally or unintentionally, survived cold winters unscathed.

Now, Impruneta terracotta is very popular in the U.S. It is known as the finest terra cotta available. We are proud to have introduced Impruneta terra cotta to the American market. And that, we remained the leading provider of the best terra cotta that Impruneta has to offer. We have expanded our collections and added the American Collection of pots. Collection, designed by American designers and handmade in Impruneta. However, we have remained committed to selling only Impruneta terra cotta. And It is, after all, the best in the world.

So, welcome to Handmade terracotta planters – Seibert & Rice.