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Manufacture of high quality vegetable seedlings – VKK Fin Vkus Petrich

Vegetable seedlings Petrich

Nursery Kalinski is located in the town of Petrich. Some fact is that Petrich valley is the warmest place in Bulgaria.Β  In fact the town of Petrich is very close to the border of Greece.
For decades, the highest average annual temperatures in the country are measured here. Even in winter, average monthly temperatures do not fall below 0 degrees.
It is the mild climate favors development for quality plants.

In our nursery, we mainly offer seedlings for tomatoes, salad, cucumbers, cabbage, strawberries and others.

quality vegetable seedlings

Thanks to our long-standing experience in agriculture since 2004. We produce and sell varieties of high quality seedlings. Whether you need seedlings for your garden or have a large-scale project – guarantee your quality and look for us now!

We will be happy to answer all your needs and questions! Well up to our vegetable nursery.

At the customer’s request, we send plants by courier all over the country!

So welcome to vegetable seedlings Petrich.