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Global grass seed producer – Royal Barenbrug

Global grass seed producer Royal Barenbrug

We are Grass Experts since 1904. Company Barenbrug Group is globally operating with headquarters in The Netherlands. Our Group has 18 operating companies and 22 R&D locations in all the major climate zones.

What we do is to share knowledge and create solutions. In order to fulfill this, we have research facilities in all the important climate zones. Royal Barenbrug Group is at your service on 6 continents. With 18 operating companies and 22 research and development locations in more than 20 countries around the world.

Our R&D experts connect and exchange insights to create the exact solution you need. Our presence on the African continent creates a valuable source of tropical grass varieties all over the world.  It also means that dairy producing countries like the Netherlands and New Zealand can benefit from each other’s insights on nutrient boosting forage. Healthy cattle, happy farmers!

Our business is a family-owned. Our the core activities are plant breeding and grass seed production. As well as the international marketing of seed for turf and forage grasses and legumes.  Barenbrug has been the leading grass seed business in the world for over 100 years.

So, we are at your service on 6 continents with operating companies in more than 20 countries, 800 employees and 260 mln.EUR turnover.

Welcome to the global grass seed producer – Royal Barenbrug.