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Gardening gloves – Rostaing SA.

Gardening gloves - Rostaing, France

The French company Rostaing is the expert leading global manufacturer of protective gloves. Our fabulous gardening gloves come from a very special manufacturer. Furthermore we have two centuries of manufacturing excellence, high specification and superior quality. So as far as gardening gloves are concerned, Rostaing is the first choice for recognized professional and private customers.

So, our gloves are the preferred gardening and DIY gloves in France and in increasing numbers of countries. Rostaing does constant innovation in fibre combinations and high-tech materials. The range of materials we use for production is very broad. Range for many applications: heat-resistance, fire-resistance, cut-resistance, abrasion-resistance, grip resistance, waterproofing, etc. We use our research resources constantly, primarily our own technologies: Zirnium, Tekinox, Griptek, Skinsoft.

We use and process tested raw materials, natural or synthetic (leathers, cotton, nitrile, aramid, silvering, etc.). And combine them with raw materials from high-end technological and technical partnerships (Kevlar, Dyneema, Porelle, Scotchgard,etc.). As a result, we do business in 41 countries around the world. As well we controll all the production processes. or this purpose we also have a logistics network of 150 partners to ensure the availability of our products. Rostaing International exports gardening gloves mostly in Europe, but we also supply a lot of other countries around the globe.

So, welcome to gardening gloves – Rostaing.