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Rasadnik MALI VRT


Rasadnik Mali Vrt

Rasadnik Mali Vrt

Our nursery belongs to the newer generation of small nurseries. We specialize in the production of rare and unusual species. Our goal is to offer a wide range of species. Such that are most conducive to growing in the climate of Serbia and that cannot normally be found in larger garden centers.

At Rasadnik Mali Vrt we produce all our plants domestically. That is ew grow them in our climate, so the plants will thrive without time to adapt. But, It is up to you to plant in the right place and, of course, to nurture it. And in a short time it will return the effort you put in.

We deliver flowers throughout the year as long as the weather conditions allow. In addition to direct purchase in the nursery, we also send seedlings by mail. Delivery of seasonal flowers starts on May 5. In April, there is a high yield in the nursery, so we do not have the possibility of sending flowers then. So we do not send seasonal and other flowers in April. In May we start again with orders and flower delivery. We send the rooted cuttings while stocks last (mostly until the end of April).

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You can place orders in writing, by fax, through the online store or by e-mail at

For information, call on weekdays from 7 am to 7 pm, on Saturdays from 7 am to 3 pm. SUNDAY IS UNOFFICIAL.

In March and April, we accept orders exclusively by e-mail: or online store!
Most orders arrive in the spring in a relatively short period, so please be patient.