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Plymouth Garden Centre


Plymouth Garden Centre

Plymouth Garden Centre

We are a traditional family run garden centre in Devon in the South West. And we emphasise strongly on gardening. Most of our plants are sourced from local nurseries who provide regular and often weekly deliveries of fresh stock. So, we support West Country Growers with some of the finest specimens grown locally.

We are convenient to a large area of Plymouth and you will find a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Furhermore our staff are friendly and on hand to answer your queries. Many have been with PGC for over 10 years and some 30 years! Plymouth Garden Centre started 52 years ago.Β  and we are 4 times winners of the ‘Investors in People Award’.

Plymouth Garden Centre is also more than just a shopping experience.
Noteworthy is that you will notice we are located within a Victorian Fort. The Royal Engineers built Bowden Battery in the 1860’s, as part of a ring of defences around Plymouth. So to protect the Naval Dockyard from a land attack.

Plymouth Garden Centre Ltd has a policy of using local suppliers wherever possible. So, many of our bedding and herbaceous suppliers are local to Devon and Cornwall.

We have a large range of pots and containers. These include terracotta, plastic, wood and fibre clay. We have the largest selection of pots in Plymouth. So there is something for everyone.

Festival Of Colour 1st-14th May Plymouth Garden Centre

For two weeks in May we will be celebrating the instant colour plants bring to our gardens in hanging baskets and containers. Learn from our experts the techniques, the combinations and the plants to use and pick up a ready-made planter for instant colour in your garden!

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So come and see us and enjoy a different shopping experience.