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Pine bark – PUH Konkret Michal Pudelko VIP


Pine bark – PUH Konkret Michal Pudelko

PUH Konkret EUgardens

Our company- PUH Konkret was established in 1991 by Michal Pudelko. From the very beginning, we process and sell pine bark for gardening. Our pine bark meets all the highest quality requirements. And this has been confirmed by FSC certificates. Our goods enjoy a high reputation in the market of Poland and other European countries.

In fact our company deals in the processing and sale of pine bark and the production of soil, peat and flowerbeds. We have been operating on the market since 1991.  As a result we cooperate with many horticultural companies and nurseries in Poland and abroad. We also deliver our products to individual customers.

Our product Pine bark sold by our company comes from the State Forests of Poland, where we carry out sustainable forest managemen. This bark meets all the highest quality requirements. It is a dry barked product from Polish pine. Furthermore It is free from pests and seeds as well as potagenic microorganisms harmful to humans and animals.

– soil mulching
– protects the roots against overheating, frost and drying
– provides humus organic substances to the soil
– effectively protects against weeds and moisture
– decorative element

We guarantee the highest quality and timely deliveries. So we invite you to cooperate.