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Pеpiniеres Chauvirе


Pеpiniеres Chauvirе  – 462 Hectares of Nurseries.

Pеpiniеres Chauvirе EUgardens

You will find Pеpiniеres Chauvirе in the west of France in the heart of the triangle between Nantes, Angers and Cholet. Our nursery offers you quality production and wide range of ornamental plants.

Today, we have 8 production sites. They are within a radius of 15 km around the company’s headquarters and on a total area of ​​462 Hectares.

We started as early as 1960 and today, we are one of the leading plant nurseries in France.

In our offer you will find articles as diverse as deciduous and evergreen shrubs, conifers, roses, fruit trees. As well as perennials, grasses, ferns, Mediterranean plants, climbers. Most of our plants come from our local production area in Angevin.

All this makes our nursery one of the top French general nurseries.