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Passfield Data Systems Ltd


Passfield Data Systems Ltd – Intelligent software for horticultural nurseries.

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Passfield is a fully integrated software system. System, that gives horticultural nurseries unprecedented control over all their operations. The control starts from sales and stock to production planning.

It makes crucial stock and sales information available at a glance. Furthermore our software system allows nursery managers to make quick, informed decisions on everything from future stock requirements to projected sales.

It is a big product with more features than any individual nursery is ever likely to use. But that’s why it has such universal appeal. In fact we can configure our product to suit your nursery’s operations exactly. Also it can hide any unnecessary features until your business needs them.

We’ll work with you to establish what level of functionality will bring you the most benefit. And as your business continues to develop, you’ll be able to increase this level step by step. As a matter of fact the software grows with your business at a pace that suits you.

So welcome to Passfield Data Systems Ltd.