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Pannon Turfgrass Kft


Pannon Turfgrass Kft

Pannon Turfgrass EUgardens

Our team produces natural turfgrass for gardens and sport fields. PANNON TURFGRASS© lets an area shine in juicy green immediately after laying. We deliver resilient sod to landscape gardeners and sports field constructors in Central and Eastern Europe.

Pannon Turfgrass Kft. produces Natural Turfgrass for professionals.

We know what professional turfgrass customers want. A robust product that is not only beautiful, but also easy to handle. Our sod meets exactly those requirements and facilitates your job in gardens and on sport fields. Choose Pannon Turfgrass© for your customers and yourself!

Pannon Turfgrass

We recommend the organic fertilizer MALTAFLOR for the ideal supply of nutrients for your turfgrass. In addition to the main nutrients NPK, it contains lots of vitamins, enzymes, trace minerals, amino acids and phyto hormones.

So welcome to Pannon Turfgrass Kft. Benefit from our longstanding experience as one of the major players on the European turfgrass market!