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Orbit Irrigation Products


Orbit Irrigation Products

Orbit Irrigation Products EUgardens

Company Orbit Irrigation Products, Inc, is located in Salt Lake City, UT, United States. We are a manufacturer and supplier of irrigation products for residential and commercial markets. In fact we have been in business since 1986. And we distribute over 2,000 products to 40 countries on five continents. Orbit was acquired by Husqvarna Group in December 2021.

Orbit is the leader in commercial and home irrigation systems, outdoor timers, thermostarts, garden hoses and gardening tools. The Company offers sprinkler systems, drip watering, valves, manifolds and adapters. As well as nozzles, pistols and wands, and hose faucet watering products. Orbit Irrigation operates globally.

Orbit has approximately 300 employees and generates over 90% of its revenues in North America, where Gardenaโ€™s presence today is limited. The Orbit product offering includes watering equipment sold through retail, garden centers, e-commerce and professional channels. In addition, the company’s B-hyveยฎ suite of smart products, with 1.4 million connected devices, helps consumers conserve water, promote plant health and save money.