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OPEKO Dariusz Smołecki

OPEKO Dariusz Smolecki

OPEKO is a manufacturer specialising in the processing plastics and the production of flowers pots of various shapes, sizes and capacities – from 0,4 to 100 litres. In addition to standard pots, we also offer specialised plastic pots for blueberries and conifers. Products for nursery. We specialise in mass production of large nursery containers.

OPEKO Dariusz

Our pots are appreciated for their excellent quality and durability, as well as their low price. Plastic pots offered by OPEKO are suitable for both manual and mechanical planting. They are made from 100% recycled polypropylene.

These are some of our products:

OPEKO Dariusz potsCollapsible boxes
Flexible tub
Round containers
Round containers with rim
Tall round containers
Low round container
Tall square container
Square-round container
Highbush blueberry container
Conifer container
Hanging pots

In our offer you will also find folding boxes and flexible baskets. Our modern machinery park, operated by skilled staff, enables us to produce efficiently and fulfil even very large orders quickly.


So welcome to OPEKO Dariusz Smołecki.