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Nursery Floribel & Codru Nord


Nursery Floribel & Codru Nord

Nursery Floribel

Nursery and garden centre. Ornamental plant nursery Codru Nord & Floribel is one of the largest ornamental nurseries in the Republic of Moldova. The company was founded in 1959 and is located 3 km from the city of Balti.

Our company has a wide range of ornamental coniferous and deciduous trees, beautiful flowering shrubs. We grow them in containers and sell them all year round.

Our trees are transplanted several times, which helps to increase the percentage of survival during transplantation.

Some facts: Over 500 plant species: 3 km from the city of Balti: 60+ years work on the market: 55 ha area of our nursery.

Some of our products include: Coniferous trees, Tui,Β  fast growing Deciduous trees, slow growing Deciduous trees. As well asΒ  Grafted Forms, ornamental shrubs, flowering shrubs.

So welcome to Nursery Floribel & Codru Nord.