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Export of roses – Nevado Roses.

Export of roses – Nevado Roses, Ecuador

Mr. Roberto Nevado founded Nevado Roses in 1965. Since then the company has been active in the rose industry. So, our main focus is the production of ultra high quality roses.

We produce the best quality roses in two farms in Ecuador, just south of Quito. The first one is at 2,780 meters and the second at 3,000 meters. Our production area is 46 hectares. We produce 3.2 millon plants annualy. And our range consists of 70 varieties of Roses. All of them meet the highest expectations and have highest possible quality. On our farms we employ more than 500 people.

Most of our production is for export and as a result we do export roses to more than 30 countries. So, Nevado Roses enjoys the confidence of more than 150 customers worldwide. Consequently our main objective is to take care of this invaluable network of clients. So we are excellent in our customer service and delivery of Roses of quality. Our main goal is the satisfaction and joy of our trading partners, importers, wholesalers, distributors and florists.

We are very proud to belong to Nevado Ecuador. Because this is one of the leading Flower Farms in the Country and the World. In addition, the one with the highest number of socio-environmental certifications.

Export of roses – Nevado Roses.